Memphis father-daughter legal team serves as analysts and inspiration for NBC’s Bluff City Law

Updated: May. 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM CDT

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It’s still not clear whether NBC legal drama Bluff City Law will shoot its upcoming season in Memphis, though the stars were here months ago to film the pilot.

A Memphis father-daughter law team brought on by producers as legal advisors said it would be tremendous for the show to be produced locally.

Memphis attorney Richard Glassman and his daughter Lauran Stimac were pulled in as legal eyes for the show. But their expertise quickly made them inspiration. And they could be the source of plot lines this fall!

“They have expressed interest to us in really wanting to be back here to film the first season,” said Stimac.

From their downtown Memphis law office, Lauran Stimac and her dad Richard Glassman heaped praise on the stars, writers, and crew for NBC’s Bluff City Law.

“They just became a part of Memphis,” Glassman said, “Jimmy Smits called me one Sunday and said Richard, I want to go see a trial. Can we get that arranged, in the next couple of weeks, a real trial.”

Producers walked into Glassman’s office earlier this year scouting locations to film. After finding out Glassman practiced with his daughter Lauran, their interest in the pair grew. That’s because in the drama – Jimmy Smits and Caitlin McGee – play a father daughter legal team in Memphis, tackling tough cases with southern charm and grit.

“They wanted to hear war stores,” Glassman said. “I got an email from one of the writers the other day. The end of it was, got any new cases coming up. He’s looking for storylines,” he said.

The Memphis Shelby County Film and Television Commission, along with other area leaders, are currently lobbying the state to come through with $10 million in incentives to secure production in Memphis. In return NBC would guarantee a spend of at least $50 million.

Glassman and Stimac were on set while the pilot was shot, helping to counsel actors and block scenes from a legal perspective and inserting their own flair.

Producers took inspiration from the layout of Glassman’s Memphis law office.

“They loved the feel of Memphis. They loved the people. They loved the way they were treated here,” said Stimac.

The stars themselves said they felt very welcomed in the Mid-South.

“The city, they were so positive and open about us being there, showing it in a great light,” said Jimmy Smits, a lead actor in the series.

Now the hope is they’ll be back for much longer.

“They’re just so appreciative of being in Memphis and making this what we hope will be a great series,” said Glassman.

A spokesperson for NBC told WMC Action News 5 on Wednesday a decision had not been publicly made yet about the location of the show’s production.

Tuesday in Memphis, Governor Bill Lee expressed interest in the project but did not commit to offering incentives.

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