Dozens of vultures set up camp at 80-year-old woman’s home

Updated: Feb. 21, 2019 at 10:03 PM CST
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HERNANDO, MS (WMC) - A DeSoto County woman is seeking help to remove some unwanted birds from her property.

80-year-old Alice Sthurghill says dozens of buzzards, or vultures as they are actually known, set up camp in the trees around her home.

“It looked like I was being invaded by buzzards. I was like doing what are all these buzzards doing out here,” Sthurghill said.

It started in January. One day she looked outside and they had come much closer, sitting on the fence posts. It was a very disconcerting sight for her.

“They was from this end all the way to the road and roof covered and on the ground,” Sthurghill said.

She didn't know what to think.

Sthurghill believes the birds, which may be Turkey Vultures, are interested in the property next door that has goats and chickens.

She says she is afraid to go outside.

(WMC Action News 5 | WMC Action News 5)

“I felt like they would pick me up by my shirt and carry me away,” Sthurghill said.

She also thought she had been dropped into an Alfred Hitchcock move.

“That’s what I thought about the movie the Birds only these things was bigger,” Sthurghill said.

DeSoto County Sheriff’s deputies came to her home but couldn’t do anything since she lives in an unincorporated area and animals are allowed.

Mississippi Fish and Wildlife said the vultures are a protected species.

Dr. Knox Martin with the Mid-South Raptor Center at Shelby Farms said vultures eat just about anything, it doesn’t have to be dead. He said they may be eating the goat’s food.

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