Soulsville physics teacher creates website teaching students worldwide

Updated: Dec. 13, 2018 at 5:26 PM CST
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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Lessons from high school Physics teacher Jack Replinger are making an impact on more than the students in his classroom.

Using his packets as a model, Replinger is helping make physics accessible and fun for students all over the word.

“It’s almost like having a teacher with every single student, who can at least tell them are they practicing correctly,” said Replinger.

He created the website specifically for his class in 2015 with a lot of help from a friend.

His students use it every day.

“He gets to make the lessons fun and interactive and I just think it’s cool,” said Lendria Gray, Soulsville Charter School student.

“If I’m at home and I don’t have Mr. Rep, I can go to the hints and be like oh that’s what I’m not doing,” said Tamia Smith, Soulsville Charter School student.

Replinger had no idea the website would be used all over the world. Just this year, it started spreading quickly.

“We have a few schools in Memphis using it, then it spread out to Tennessee, then the United States and then international and it just continued to grow, grow and grow,” said Anthony Fizer, web designer.

The site now has hundreds of users all over the world everyday and Replinger is hoping to get a corporate sponsor to keep the site free forever.

"This is really built to be accessible to all students so I think the schools that can benefit the most are a lot of time the schools who might not be able to pay a lot for it so our real goal is to keep it free," said Replinger.

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