New $100,000 campaign asks Memphians not to litter

(WMC Action News 5)
Updated: Oct. 9, 2018 at 10:03 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis City Beautiful and City of Memphis just launched an ambitious new ad campaign to teach young people not to litter.

It's a $100,000 call to action targeting Memphians ages 16 to 34.

Can the power of Penny Hardaway and friends like Dr. Gina Stewart convince young people not to litter?

Memphis City Beautiful, the group that hosts neighborhood clean-ups and teaches Memphians how to go green, Is banking on a new, $100,000 anti-litter campaign.

To change minds and behavior, Eldra White, Executive Director of Memphis City Beautiful, said a trashy city is bad for Memphis' bottom line.

"Businesses will not come here if they see that we don't care about our city by having litter all over,” White said.

Andre Taber, pastor of Greater Adelaide Church in Orange Mound, is tired of seeing litter in his community.

"And there's a place for trash,” Taber said. “There are trash cans and trash bins and things of that nature. So, there's a place for that to be, and it's not on the street."

Taber said the time is now to start turning things around.

The Carter Malone Group, owned by former Shelby County Commissioner Deidre Malone, created these ads.

Look for them to appear in print, on the radio, and on your television.

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