Breakdown: What is the strongest side of the hurricane

(Source: WMC Action News 5 (custom credit))
Published: Sep. 15, 2018 at 10:41 PM CDT
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Breakdown: What is the strongest side of the hurricane

During hurricane season you may hear talk about the different sides of a hurricane or as we as meteorologist like to refer to the different sections of hurricanes as quadrants.

Hurricanes can be broken down into four quadrants and while all sides are dangerous, the most destructive is the right front quadrant. This is due to the forward motion contributing to the rotation of the storm.

This side of the storm tends to have higher winds, higher storm surge, seas, and the highest rainfall. Land-falling hurricanes tend to produce the most tornadoes in the right front quadrant too.

This is not to be confused with the strongest part of a hurricane which is the eye wall. The eye wall is the strongest part of the storm because of the air located in the eye wall moves faster than any other part of the storm and it pulls in warmer ocean water to fuel the storm.

In most cases the right front quadrant is the strongest side which includes the right side of the eye wall, this would all be opposite in the southern hemisphere with the strongest side being the left front because of the opposite spin.

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